20th Nov 2014

On March 31st 2011, the New York City Fire Department instituted the 2008 NYC Fire Code regulation that passed a requirement for deep-fat fryer high limit controls.

This independent high-limit control was put in place as a safety measure to automatically shut off the fuel supply when the fat temperature reaches more than 475 degrees F, 1 inch below the liquid surface.

This code also requires that the high-limit controls be replaced every three years “with a new or rebuilt unit certified to operate at more than 475 degrees F.

Your first step is to check to see if you have proof of replacement and make sure it is within three years. If you do not and the fryer is older than three years you would be considered in violation.

If you currently need your high-limit controls on your Fryer units replaced, please call us at (718) 937-3171 to schedule your appointment.

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