IceZone® Ice Machine Sanitization -

IceZone® Ice Machine Sanitization

DID YOU KNOW that the inside of an ice machine is a wet & moist paradise for mold, mildew, and deadly bacteria?

According to a report on, people with mold allergies may have severe reactions. Immune-compromised people and people with chronic lung illnesses, such as obstructive lung disease, may get serious infections in their lungs when they are exposed to mold.

Bacterial infections like E.coli, Salmonella, and Legionella can lead to sickness and in some cases death.

Mold-Mildew Bacteria Infested Ice Machine

Mold & Bacteria in Ice Machine


What kind of IMPACT would this type of negative press have on your business?

Recent legislation from ASHRAE, Dept. of Health, Joint Commission, and Medicare/Medicaid require that ice machines  receive mandatory inspections and be sanitized.

Failing this inspection could result in:

  • Closure of establishment
  • Loss of Medicare/Medicaid funding under new Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)
  • Hefty fees associated with liability and legal costs due to negligence claims

Mold, mildew, and slime build-up in your ice machine is resulting in increased maintenance costs which cuts into your bottom line profits!

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The Simple Sanitization Solution:

  1. Inhibits growth of bacteria, mold, yeast, slime, etc.
  2. Destroys bacteria and reduces the spread of sickness
  3. Completely automated and chemical-free
  4. Provides continuous cleaning 24/7/365
  5. Maintenance free—requires a simple annual UV lamp replacement
  6. Can be retrofitted on any ice machine

IceZone® utilizes Photoplasma to disinfect and remove contaminants from the air and on surfaces — which is a UV “Green Technology” to safely inhibit and eliminate bacteria, mold spores, algae, VOC, and odors. This is a green alternative, chemical-free process!

Prior to this innovative technology, the only method to sanitize effectively was to use environmentally hazardous chlorine-based chemicals.

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Current ice machine sanitization procedures cost $5/day. With IceZone®, costs can be reduced to as little as $0.14/day after initial investment.

By reducing the cost of sanitization you will have saved enough to purchase a new ice machine!

IceZone Return on Investment

Without IceZone® =

Money down the drain

Preventive Maintenance: A regularly scheduled Preventive Maintenance program from Tek Express will add years to the lifespan of your equipment.


Is Your Ice Safe?

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The goal was to reduce the cost and the use of chemicals to keep ice machines clean and sanitized. Subway and IPC sought a better way and found a UV light solution that was developed and manufactured by BioZone. Subway tested the system for over 6 months in locations that typically required frequent chemical sanitization to remove mold and slime. The results were amazing. For such a small investment, the payoff is tremendous. Many franchisees will save up to $1,200.00 or more per year. The ROI is so attractive that we in the process of installing BioZone UV sanitization systems in all Subway restaurants.” – Don Purser, ServiceNet Program Manager, IPC SUBWAY

“It was amazing! The IceZone® really did what it was advertised to do – keep the ice machine clean! Now we have installed IceZones® on all of our ice machines, and have noticed an amazing improvement. We now have the IceZone® as part of our standard equipment for every Subway restaurant we open or acquire.”- VP of Development, SUBWAY

 “Over the past five years IceZone® has saved our organization over $1.1M in costs attributed with ice machine maintenance. We insist on having IceZone® installed on 100% of our equipment, we would highly recommend the same to anyone owning an ice machine” – Pete Hansen Controller, SUBWAY