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Kitchen, Refrigeration and HVAC Repair

Tek Express prides itself on immediate response time when equipment breaks down. Repairs are performed quickly and efficiently minimizing down time using our fleet of over 34 fully stocked trucks.

Our technicians are Factory Trained by major manufacturers to expertly perform repairs. Our technicians carry certification for equipment repair as well as Fire Safety and EPA Certifications.

Learn more about our Kitchen, Refrigeration and HVAC Repair Services.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Tek Express’ Preventive Maintenance Program keeps your equipment operating at maximum performance levels and greatly extends its lifespan.

Regularly scheduled Preventive Maintenance reduces the risk of catastrophic equipment failure which could result in thousands of dollars in emergency repairs and product loss or require purchase of new equipment.

We specialize in designing Custom Programs for your business that address specific equipment needs, frequency of visits and, most importantly, budget guidelines.

Learn more about our Preventive Maintenance Program.

Warranty Service and Equipment Installation

Tek Express is the Factory Authorized Warranty Provider for over 30 different manufacturers. We represent brands like Rational, Garland, Cleveland, Victory, Hoshizaki, Burlodge, FryMaster, Trane, Carrier and many others that make up the majority of equipment in your kitchen and HVAC systems.

Tek Express also installs Food Service Equipment and HVAC systems through our Mechanical Contractor Division which assists with permits, licensed plumbing, electrical and mechanical work when the time comes for you to replace equipment or expand your business.

Learn more about our Warranty Service & Equipment Installation Service.

Ice Machine Sanitization

Recent legislation from ASHRAE, Department of Health, Joint Commission, and Medicare/Medicaid require that ice machines receive mandatory inspections and be sanitized.

Failing this inspection could result in:

  • Closure of establishment
  • Loss of Medicare/Medicaid funding under new Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)
  • Hefty fees associated with liability and legal costs due to negligence claims

Let’s not forget the high costs associated with regularly cleaning and maintaining your ice machines – often costing thousands of dollars each year!

Our Ice Machine Sanitization Program saves you a minimum of $1,200 per year reducing your ice machine maintenance costs from $5/day to as little as $0.14/day

Reduce the use of toxic chemicals. Learn more about our green alternative, chemical – free process, Ice Machine Sanitization Program and how you can Do Ice Right!  

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